Planning a Perfect Destination Beach Wedding

The dream of a destination beach wedding on the Melbourne, Florida coast is more easily realized now more than ever.  Saying “I do” on one of Melbourne’s pristine sandy beaches surrounded by your loved ones, family and friends is an amazing way to start your life together.

The excitement of planning a destination beach wedding is easy to understand.  So many options exist to create the perfect memorable experience for you and your guests.  With careful planning you’ll also find that a beach wedding can be very affordable.  Of course there’s a lot of opportunity to create a very extravagant wedding too.  It all starts with exploring your options.

The first step is picking the perfect location, and it’s all a matter of taste.  Melbourne’s coast offers a variety of beaches from the serene and private to the upbeat and lively.  Scope out each location and determine which best suits the feeling of your wedding.  Remember that beaches can be windy at times during the year, keep that in mind when selecting a location.

After you’ve selected the perfect location, it’s time to think about accommodations.  Check out the local hotels, both chain and individual and look for what sort of packages or deals they might offer for you and your wedding guests.  If many people are traveling in for your wedding, try to have a rough estimate when speaking to the hotel management so they can accurately accommodate your needs.

If you are considering using a wedding planner, interview those local to the destination wedding  location and make sure they have intimate knowledge of the area, local businesses, attractions, dining options and accommodations.  It’s important to make sure that you do the appropriate research and ensure you work with someone who you are comfortable with; this person is going to be your go-to person for all things related to your special day.

One of the best things about a destination beach wedding on one of Melbourne’s amazing beaches is that you can have just about anything you want happen.  Whether you work with a professional planner or are a DIY kind of person, you really can have the perfect beach wedding in a beautiful tropical setting.

Many couples often find that they can save a bit of money by having their honeymoon at the same location as their destination beach wedding, once their guests depart they find that Melbourne, Florida has a wide array of cultural, adventurous, artistic, and shopping opportunities…in addition to the relaxing times that can be had on one of Florida coast’s finest collection of beaches.