Wedding Songs

By: Lorna Mclaren

There seems to be a lot of myths surrounding the choice of Wedding Songs and many couples do not realize that there is actually no restrictions on which songs they choose, apart from the sensibilities of the vicar of course!

You can have any music as your wedding songs and it is entirely up to you. Sometimes the venue that the marriage ceremony is going to take place in may have their own particular list of inappropriate wedding songs but you should always be able to have the freedom to hear any tunes playing.

If you want something different to the traditional wedding songs then you only have to look at televised weddings to see that anything goes.

Not everyone will want the same wedding songs as the fictional couples in Days of Our Lives, Bold and Beautiful, Days of Our Lives or other soap operas but it can be fun to listen to some of the producers choices for the perfect wedding songs. No matter which musicians are your particular favorites you are sure to find wedding songs that fit the type of event that you want your wedding day to be.

Remember that you can also really let your hair down when it comes to the choice of music for your wedding reception too and these wedding songs tend to be more memorable!