Planning A Wedding 101

By: Stephanie McLain

Imagine planning your wedding all by yourself? How scary, how tormenting, the mere thought must make your stomach turn. Do not do it to yourself. Seek help. Let your family and friends help.

Paying For Your Wedding

The old rule of the bride’s parents pay for the wedding is just that, old and outdated. The new and improved, smart and practical way to finance a wedding is that everyone chips in. The only downside is that everyone that invests in your wedding has a say.

Wedding Invitations

When it comes to the wedding invitations, keep it simple. It is polite to allow your guests to bring their significant other. It is also a good idea to let guests who only know you or your future hubby bring a guest with them.

When writing invitations it is polite to invite guests significant others, but you do not want to let your guests bring whoever they want. The only exception would be a guest who will only know you or your future hubby at the wedding.

Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are great, but what to ask for? What should your wedding registry consist of? Most people will suggest registering for house wares. Do not limit yourself. You can register for anything.

Get a new pair of skiis. How about hotel reservations? Honeymoon anyone? Chances are you already have a ton of house wares to get you and hubby off to a great start, so ask away.

Your Wedding Dress

The wedding dress, the centerpiece of your wedding. What to wear? What color? What fashion statement? Many things to consider, but only you can decide. Do not limit yourself to traditional white. Do not be plain Jane. It is outdated. It is old fashioned.

Who ever said you had to be dressed in all white anyway. Be who you are. Be your favorite color, your favorite fabric, your favorite look and feel. Find three dresses you love. Ask your friends to pick from there.