How To Create A Memorable Wedding Scrapbook

By: Meagen Colbert

If you just got married, or you are planning the wedding, you may be considering creating your own personal wedding scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a fun way that you’ll be able to preserve those wedding memories for many years to come. Of course, you may not know what to include in your wedding scrapbook. Here are some terrific page suggestions to get you going.

One superb page idea for your wedding scrapbook is to take some time focusing on the way you found each other. Incorporate pictures from the earliest date or maybe from the time that he proposed. Any mementos you saved from your dating time may be used on those pages too.

Another page idea could be to create a number of pages just for your engagement. Look at putting in a photo of your engagement announcement along with any engagement photos that were taken. You’ll want to add in a number of photos from the engagement party too.

A wedding scrapbook might include a few pages about the bachelor party and the bachelorette party too. They’re important pre wedding functions, and you will want to remember these moments for years to come. Get plenty of great pictures, including some journaling about the occasions, and think up some fun designs.

Obviously, you’ll want to have some pages on the actual wedding day within your wedding scrapbook too. Pages for the wedding party, the room decorations, the kiss, walking down the aisle, and photographs of the ring ceremony are great choices. These are several things you’ll definitely wish to recall in the future.

Don’t forget several pages for the wedding reception too. Save wedding speech copies, add pictures of the first dance, or possibly save a napkin or wedding invitation to include in these pages.

Last, it’s a great idea to add pictures of your honeymoon to your wedding scrapbook too. While you could do another whole scrapbook on your honeymoon, at least include a page or two including honeymoon pictures in your wedding scrapbook.

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