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Continuing your education and career after military service can be an intimidating prospect. Choosing a school and getting all of your benefits requires you to weigh many factors including cost, distance, time, and of course – paperwork. All of these details can make the idea of getting your degree seem intimidating and many will wonder whether it’s worth the time. When you consider the generous benefits available to veterans, however, you’ll typically find that it’s worth your time to continue your education and finish that degree.

Click here to view a 2016 Guide to Veterans Education Benefits


WIA is a program administered by CareerSource Brevard and provides training opportunities to economically disadvantaged individuals, those with serious employment barriers or handicaps, and those who qualify under the Economically Disadvantaged Workers Assistance Act (EDWAA). This training can be provided in the classroom or through on-the-job training and is designed to lead to permanent employment. Please see a veteran’s representative to learn more.

Applications for entry into the electrician’s apprenticeship program are accepted as when apprenticeship positions become available. This program is funded by the electrical industry.  You may apply for both the union or non-union program by contacting the following Apprenticeship and Training Committees:

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 606
820 Virginia Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803
(407) 896-7271

If you have a Bachelors or Associates Degree and were released from active duty on or after Oct 1, 1990, or you were a civilian employee of DOD and terminated by the defense draw down or base closure, you have an opportunity to begin a new career in public education. To learn more, call the Program Manager for Troops to Teachers in Florida (850) 245-5023 or via email at  You may also call Toll free (888) 358-7667, the nationwide number (800) 231-6242 or visit the website.
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