2015 Stickmarsh BASS Challenge Recap

2015 Stickmarsh BASS Challenge Recap


The Veterans Resource Committee wants to thank everyone who participated, supported, and joined us for the amazing awards ceremony. We had an incredible event on Saturday, November 14th!

23 Boats on the water, over 120 fish caught, and more than two dozen disabled vets  were given a therapeutic and rehabilitative day on the water, including food, fun and fraternization.

Organized by the VRC, Hosted by Bass Pro Shops and Presenting Sponsor Allen & Company, Sponsored by AT&T,

Municipal Winner: Brevard School Board Member Andy Ziegler, with a

Andy's 19" Bass

Andy’s 19″ Bass

Bass measuring in at just over 19″. Andy spent most of the day watching his teammates (Captain Mike Wisnewski and Veteran Joseph Willis) haul in fish after fish, before catching his winner late in the action. Willis had a tremendous day, catching at least five fish, one of which out-sized Andy’s by a half inch.

Image Montage from Stickmarsh – 11/14/2015 Music by the great Ray Charles.

Final Results in the Veteran Category:
4th – Joseph Willis, 19 1/2″
3rd – Brian Cole 19 3/4″
2nd – Eric Dahlgren, 20″
1st – Marcel Cintra, 21 1/4″

Cintra 21.25

Marcel’s Winning 21 1/4″ Bass

 12240025_976428892414067_2968668883325426080_n  12241394_1111530172191377_5307955745076784646_n  IMG_4156
 12219330_1111530612191333_6205195897054492433_n  12243436_1111530242191370_7537353388735025200_n  IMG_4159
 12227553_1111530315524696_2214811707314650187_n  12243077_1111530288858032_6540682665892416567_n  IMG_4186