Space Coast Tech Council



The Space Coast Tech Council is an umbrella organization that invites all tech-related companies and supporting groups to join in the shaping and promotion of Brevard and surrounding counties as a leading area for technology-based businesses and manufacturers.

The council is governed by an advisory board, driven by committees, and grown by its members. Together, we are uniting our efforts to showcase our technical diversity, and bring Brevard County to a strong and competitive position in our expanding world marketplace.

There must be a good reason for any group to exist. Here are four ways we are serving our tech community.

1. SEARCH – We will reach out to the tech community to find out who is operating in Brevard County, and surrounding areas…and ask them what it is they do. What products and/or services do they offer?

2. ASSESS – We will assess their needs. We need to know what we can do to assist them in becoming stronger and more competitive. To accomplish this, we must open a line of communication.

3. CONNECT – We will connect the tech company with our resources. Could be other tech companies, support companies, or partnering organizations. Could be local,national, or global. Or, it could be as simple as an invitation to a workshop or seminar.

4. PROMOTE – We will promote the products and services offered by our tech companies; locally, nationally and globally, to give them the competitive resources needed to succeed at all levels.

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