U.S. Navy Selects Modus Operandi For Software Development Project

Modus Operandi to Develop Pattern-of-Life Analysis Software to Help Predict Adversarial Behavior and Intent

Modus Operandi, a company that delivers data discovery, integration, and Big Data analytics solutions for national security and commercial organizations, has been selected by the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop an activity-based intelligence system that will help spot unusual behavior by adversaries.

Under terms of the $1.5 million Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract, Modus Operandi will combine its expertise in semantic analysis with scalable graph analytic methodologies and information fusion to develop innovative pattern of life analysis software. The software solution, called POLIS (Pattern Of Life Integrated System), will analyze large amounts of intelligence data represented as large graphs to find behavioral patterns that may indicate malintent.

Modus Operandi is a software technology company focused on accelerating information discovery, data integration and advanced analytics for customers in the defense and intelligence community and in Fortune 1000 organizations.