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Stand Up Paddleboard Eco Adventures


SUP Eco Adventures is here to help you experience the exciting new sport of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. Our mission is to get as many people as possible out onto the water enjoying nature from a unique perspective. Central Florida has an amazing array of wildlife–manatees, dolphins, turles, stringrays, osprey, pelicans, countless fish, and many other birds and animals.

What is SUP?

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. SUP is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. SUP is a cross between a kayak and a surfboard. Participants utilize a one bladed paddle to steer and propel themselves across waterways. It is stable and easy to learn, enabling beginners to enjoy this fun and exciting sport with limited instruction.

Is SUP Difficult? Do I Need Special Skills?

No-Our adventures are customized to allow everyone to enjoy this sport. Our equipment is very stable and designed for flatwater gliding with minimal effort. We don’t take the boards out into the surf, we paddle the Indian River Lagoon where we can glide along and enjoy the natural wildlife.

What is the origin of SUP?

SUP is an emerging global sport with its roots as an ancient Polynesian form of surfing. When the ancient Polynesians started this form of surfing they used SUP as a way for instructors to have a better view of their students. By standing on their boards, using a one bladed paddle, they had a bird’s-eye-view, increasing visibility of what was going on around them. Today, flat water Stand-Up Paddle boarding allows individuals to see fish swimming beneath them, stingrays flying across the sandy bottom and manatee and dolphin swimming nearby.

Indian River Lagoon Dolphins

With the winter months here in Melbourne Beach, Cocoa Beach and the Central East coast of Florida, we have an abundance of our local host—the dolphin. Although we can’t guarantee seeing dolphins during our paddle boarding tours, we do tend to see these amazing creatures just about every day when we are out on the water. Although, SUP Eco Adventures post photos and discussions about these dolphins, but we thought we would post a few fun facts about our friends.
Our river dolphins are Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, but they spend their entire live in the Indian River Lagoon.So, if you would like the opertunity to see these amazing creatures, give SUP Eco Adventures a call at 321-507-6058 or drop us an email at All our tours are by resevation only, to ensure we keep our groups nice and small and limit our footprint when we visit our local wildlife.They are adapted to swim, fish and survive in the different waters of the Indian River Lagoon. For example, the waters of the Indian River Lagoon average only 3 or 4 feet deep. The dolphins have adapted to the swallow waters and can easily maneuver in the area.


Manatee visit during one of our stand up paddle boarding toursEveryone wants to see our local manatee, but most people to really know much about them. We are very lucky here at SUP Eco Adventures, because we get to start our day off by paddling in a beautiful area with these gentle creatures. If you would like the opportunity to stand up paddle board in a beautiful area where manatee frequent, give us a call at SUP Eco to join us.



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  • Stand Up Paddleboard Eco Adventures
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Eco Adventures
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Eco Adventures